Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ALMR: give us 6 months to sort it out

All good points Richard.

1) I don't believe removal of the tie will affect rents any where near as much as people fear. Rents post tie will have to be valued according to a real market not according to how much profit the pubcos want to make.

2) I can't see the pubcos going along with any of the ALMR stuff any way. BBPA won't be at the first meeting. The artcile doesn't make it clear whether the long quote is Mark Hastings or Nick Bish but it sounds more like the mouthpiece of BBPA. IN this context BBPA ARE the pubcos and they already aren't playing.

3) Cannot see how we get a transparent and equitable solution that gives lessees a better deal as long as the major pubcos are around. They are not going to change anything voluntarily. Their job is not to be transparent or equitable and their business plan has been all dependent on flogging horses until beyond death. They can't release the pressure without their own businesses failing.

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