Thursday, June 04, 2009

Punch tells MPs beer tie probe would be a "waste of time and resources"

Come ON! Seriously readers!

Quote from above: "Thorley also says the company is taking the views expressed in the hard-hitting BEC report “very seriously” and “will carefully consider how to best incorporate them into the work we are already doing"

Against quote from Giles Thorley two weeks ago: the BEC oral hearing was little more than a “kangaroo court”.

Now he's taking the findings of the "kangaroos" seriously and presumably Ted Tuppen is too since now thinks the MPs he called "Morons" had something with their findings even though a fortnight ago HE was saying that if it were not for parliamentary privilege he'd be taking legal advice about the report, implying it was libellous.

These CEOs have had too much power, too much freedom, too much lucre for so long now that they are incapable of hearing how contradictory their statments can be or of seeing that they have ruined their own gravy train and run it into the buffers.

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