Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prime Minister tells publicans: "Give me the evidence of pubco abuse"

It is odd that many people seem to believe that life without politics would somehow be a better place than it is. Yet we live in a fabulously complex society which could never be possible without political oversight.

What is desperately needed in the pub industry is a much more open and freer market than we have now and it is manifestly clear that this change will never take place unless there is political intervention forcing it.

Regulation, or in this case forms of de regulation, is achieved in stages. As forum participants already know, much of the evidence Gordon Brown needs has been published already. It is a simple fact of life that no prime minister can know everything that's going on in the administration below cabinet level. Gordon Brown's attention has been drawn to the inequity in the pub trade and the existing evidence is on the way.

It will, of course, be supported with more detail and further intense dialogue.

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