Saturday, June 27, 2009

News Article Comments : Is it fair?

Matt, you most certainly are not a halfwit. You describe very well the situation in which thousands of committed, responsible and hard working people have found themselves due to tied lease abuses. Do get in touch with Inez at and Fair Pint at Feel free also to send a private message to me via this forum.

Whoever continues to report posts in an attempt to disrupt discussion you should be ashamed of yourself. You are irresponsibly and immaturely hindering support for people who are experiencing real, dreadful business and life turmoil.

Re gazumping, this situation is much more serious than domestic house market gazumping, appalling though that practice is. Sidelining the incumbent tenant this way is deeply underhand and almost certainly consigns them to bankruptcy or, at least, huge financial loss. It's a whole other area of pubco activity which must be looked at in depth, evidence gathered, and compensation prosecutions taken out.

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