Monday, June 01, 2009

Molson Coors buys Cobra Beer

Fantastic news! Cobra lost the way comprehensively some time ago. Lord Bilimoria had a finger on the wrong pulse. Having etablished the beer which he conceptualised and invented (a less gassy lager) to go with curry and rapier identifying its niche target market it all got a bit messy with its transition to a wider audience.

Here's their attempt at reinventing themselves last year:

"Cobra. Now in Pubs. Beer in pubs? What genius thought of that?"

The first challenge for MC will be to keep the founder's ambitions out of the marketing and brand presence strategies going forward as Cobra is repositioned. THe brand will likely have to retract from the market overall and concentrate on the core where it started. No mention here of the amount paid for the brand that's been losing a lot of money for quite a while and how much Bilimoria trousered saving 'some' of his employees' jobs. Say no more guv.

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