Monday, June 01, 2009


Come on Graham. Bullying? These people you're talking about, the 'bullying majority' are individual tied licensees who have for the first time made a stand and brought some balance and a coherent voice together against the divide and conquer tactics of massive impersonal corporations whose only interest is to extract as much profit as possible from thousands of individual 'entrepreneurs' whom they have taken for granted and treated like slaves.

Ken Nason can easily stand his own ground as a trade professional in discussions with lay licensees. To say he was hounded off this site by a 'bullying majority' of licensees with 'personal agendas' doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Individual licensees' personal agendas revolve around a perfectly rational desire to stay in business and ply their trade on commercially level ground. They have only been demanding, and it is their prerogative to DEMAND, a fair deal between themselves and corporations whose gigantic profits are testament to the fact that tied licensees have been and are being ripped off rotten by their freeholders.

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