Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It was only once the perennial prospect of imminent bankruptcy and the fear of losing everything had been with me for so long that it gradually dawned on me that bankruptcy would be a blessed relief that I woke and realised my very real fears were no longer valid. I'd already lost everything I had - by investing it all in my business - it had already all been taken by my rapacious pubco and I'd never see a return. Thus reassured that financially it could get no worse I knew I could take risks and start making demands of my situation and I got involved in setting up a campaign group that would highlight how wrong the situation is. Fair Pint only came about because the people in it had nothing else left to lose. If we'd been given a good opportunity to take a FAIR share of profit out of our businesses we'd not have had nothing left to lose and we'd have had better things to do than spend thirty hours a week working voluntarily to try to change the status quo.

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