Wednesday, June 03, 2009

binthere donnit. Interesting point. Never considered that before.

1) I WANT high quality competition locally because that brings more people to the area and will give my customers more reason to hang around locally rather than often spending entire evenings in other parts of London instead of where they live.

2) It doesn't matter which pubco opens around the corner because they all operate the same way and the unfortunate reality is that the tie limits the range and scope of what people can do when they take on a pub ergo no French beers in a French pub.

3) I don't think it could be construed as anti competitive because pubcos do not understand the market locally to any of their individual units. Detail is not their forte; they are spreadsheet based businesses who make profit out of volumes and numbers. They expect a large number of units to be dormant at any point in their business cycle, it's all part of churn.

3) So; if they let a pub on a TAW locally to me I would assume it's because they want to have the unit trading rather than not. Rather than assume they want to give someone else a competitive advantage over existing local pubs including mine. I am just a number on a spreadsheet as are we all.

4) will come back to this got to say goodnight to the kids.

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