Sunday, June 28, 2009

Has anyone noticed?

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Has anyone noticed how incredibly BORING this forum is these days now all of the intelligent and stategic thinking people have migrated to the Publican forum?

Has anyone noticed how the pages on these threads are just filled with the Fairpint brigades' mutual duodenal licking to bolster their all ready over inflated egos?

Has anyone noticed how Fairpint chose the thickest idiot they could find to be their 'spokesman'? Was that deliberate or some half-arsed accident?

Has anyone noticed that even after more than a year, Fairpint have not succeeded in helping even ONE licensee in trouble?

Has anyone noticed that they haven't even TRIED to do so?

Has anyone noticed that Fairpint continue to spend public donations on whatever they choose to do with no results whatsoever?

Has anyone noticed that they spend 3 grand a month on a 'PR' company that is totally superfluous?

Has anyone noticed the switch from 'the tie must go' to 'we need to grovel to the EU Parliament?

Has anyone noticed any change in the pubcos attitude? No, because it was never intended by Fairpint to happen because it doesn't suit their agenda. Remember you read it here first.

Has anyone noticed?

binthere donnit 29/06/2009

Has anyone noticed how sad sorry little excuses for individuals have felt it necessary to report posts on this forum which offer people advice and help as they watch their livelihoods being torn from underneath them.

Has anyone noticed how this very act is seen by the hundreds of readers of these threads as the sinister and sick game that echo's throughout the tied industry.

Has anyone noticed that it is indicative of the misleading and ugly culture which some companies are riddled with to the core.

Has anyone noticed how this childish behaviour has coincided with the creation of this thread.

Has anyone noticed?

J Mark Dodds 29/06/2009 01:10:14

Well said binthere donnit. Your response is admirably measured and mature. Thank you for that. The depth of arrogance, ignorance and bitter bile evident in the anonymous poster is little short of breathtaking.

It is reassuring to see that this person is only capable of shooting themselves in the foot, again and again with, as they like to say of themselves, the same unerring accuracy they employ to root out the truth - holding the sheild of valour before them.

It warms the cockles of the heart, bless them.

The depth of commitment they have to their considerable self deception is quite touching too.

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