Friday, June 12, 2009

Enterprise: parts of BEC hard to argue with

Coming from Enterprise this is a shock because most people assumed they would be silent. But just read carefully. The attempt to be open and transparent and to admit wrong doing has to be squeezed out between clenched teeth. Can't get away from trying to shove the blame on to licensees. Endemically incapable of admitting they have been doing it wrong themselves he has to shovel issues of transparency onto tenants.

WHY ON EARTH does he think tenants are cagey about talking about their business perfomance? Perhaps it's because tenants are used to being shafted by their landlords. Any information they get about you they use against you. I got a BDM turn up once saying: 'interesting to see what your turnover is from that article in the Publican. You're looking a rent of six figures at next review you know?'.

It is beholden on the most powerful in a relationship to set the lead for how relationships should work healthily. Pubcos get indignant, petulant and uppity when individuals stand up and won't be walked all over without a fight. They get huffy as if not getting absolutly everything their own way without resistance or murmur is somehow grossly unfair. If Enterprise were more open and transparent they wouldn't have the problems they do now. They also would not have made so much money in the past but then that's why they have never been transparent about anything - that would stand in the way of extracting profit out of licensees' livelihoods.

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