Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam Withrington: Bickering while Rome burns...

Colin, your incessant Fair Pint sniping is tedious. People like you keep telling Fair Pint what it should be doing, then accusing Fair Pint of nefarious motives and dark, underhand dealings - even of embezzlement and mis-appropriation of proceeds of a (loss making) coach trip (doh...huh?) - when it continues to do just what it set out to. You have not taken any notice of clear, and generous, responses to your unjustified rubbishing of Fair Pint's aims and motives. Fair Pint has been accused of spending in excess of six figures to date and being, bizzarely, somehow corrupt because we work with a political public relations expert who understands how plain WRONG the whole tied set up is. The accusations are risible, apart from the fact that Fair Pint is standing up against BILLION QUID COs and gaining traction all along, the figures ludicrous - and there is cetainly no obligation - or infinitessimal need whatever - to tell you anything at all about Fair Pint's business. Fact is the steering group are all people who care about this industry who are prepared to work hard for a goal which demands FAIRNESS, that is all... It is not an extreme position; it's rational.

Your boring buzzing and bitching is irrelevant. If you really care so much to be so hypercritical why not get off your keyboard, do something constructive, and get involved? Get out of your back seat, try to do a bit of steering, when you know what you are talking about, come back and tap away.

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