Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuppen writes to MPs defending pubco model and slams campaigners

11 May, 2009

By James Wilmore

Ted's position is open to utter ridicule. He, the CEO of a major billion quid corporation, is asking for 'balance' in a situation where a small group of tied licensees (from different pubcos) got together because they realised through their own experience and from talking to each other, that they are being ripped off rotten and forced into becoming serfs by the way the ubiquitous pubco model is implemented by people like Ted Tuppen.

He whinges on about licensees whining. Let's get some perspective here. It's WE who pay his wages, bonuses and share options. WE bought his serial homes (just guessing), luxury vehicles and sailing vessels (again just a long shot). WE pay for his family holidays and his children's private education. And the bacon on his plate. And he has the mendacity to say that WE are whining about our conditions and terms which WE signed up for willingly? Does he, or anyone else, seriously believe that WE ALL WILLINGLY signed up to something that would drive us to penury, despair, depression and doubt in ourselves as human beings? NO! WE signed up to contracts which, if they were operated in the way they are promoted and advertised, would lead to a business position where there was an equitable share of the returns of our extremely hard work and endeavour and both parties to the contract would want to work together in perpetuity to mutual benefit. It's just not like that however and Ted can delude himself as long as he wants but his days are over as CEO of a respectable FTSE listed blue chip.

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