Monday, May 11, 2009

If the tie goes, regionals suffer

Dear Edward, if you were a clairvoyant I'd consider your empty logic - but you're not. Your crystal ball is clouded by a very particular pro pubco propensity. Why is that Ted? You have an interest you don't want to publicise. Isn't that so?

"Ms Ward, you're very kind, but until we have been intoduced. I will stick to the established formalitites." Fascinating Edward. When, exactly, Edward, do you think you will be introduced to Inez? And would you really drop your formalities at that moment? I suspect the last thing you;d want is to be introduced to Inez, or me, or Steve Corbett - or anyone who's a tied licensee - because your arguments hold no ground against what is really happening to this industry.

You are dreadfully mis-informed, no matter how deep are your convictions, about the impact of the tie. A face to face discussion will disabuse you of your illusions. Please PM me if you want a chat about it.

Sleep tight, Edward, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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