Saturday, May 23, 2009


@'George Benson'. Thank you 'George' for yet another rubbish bit of hot air. You highlight, with your 'inverted commas' a fundamental problem you have. I am one of the founders of Fair Pint and a Fair Pint representative. I don't need any 'inverted commas' around my name because I am who I post as - Me. You can put 'Mark Dodds' into a well known search engine and find my pub, my address, my telephone number and a means of sending 'me' an email which will be read and responded to.

'You' on the other hand are an anonymous and vitriolic poster with no identity and a very evidently determined need to disrupt the onward inevitability of the end of the tie system in the UK.

My agenda is clear and publicly available here:

Your agenda is, like the pubcos' obscure.

What you accuse me, and my Fair Pint 'cronies' of is, in fact, exactly what you are doing with your postings and illogical, unfounded vitriol supporting an utterly bankrupt and discredited tied pubco model status quo.

Thanks for your time. Have a good weekend George.

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