Saturday, May 23, 2009

@ Georgie Porgie pudding and pile. You're a really messed up person. You are wither Chris Roberts or your other messed up ex half trysting in public under various guises irritating and slandering other people who only have honourable intentions. Give us all the other names I post under then. El Nino is my son and nothing posted under the nom de plume has been misleading or untrue. You are a severely twisted liar whose only agenda is your own pervertedly stuck position.

Oh, and to edit one last time. I have NEVER reported your posts so remove your odd fascination with that little self deception of yours. You're as bad as the pubcos' worst behaviour and, really truly deeply, should be ashamed of your inability to be 'you' and identifiable to anyone on these forums.

This has gone way too far, I apologise to readers for falling for the bait. Sorry I let it stoop so low as to respong to this sick character who has not the decency or self respect to stand up and be accountable for the rants and accusations he's levelled at virtually every one elses on this forum who's here for positive change, honesty and hard work.

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