Friday, May 22, 2009

Pubcos accused of providing misleading evidence to MPs

@ delerious 15 May, 2009, 16:26

You're hilarious. God knows where your line of argument comes from; if you're not pro pubco - with a few asides thrown in to imply you have some sort of objectivity - then you're simply misguided and disjointed in your thinking.

Your delerious logic runs like this: Fair Pint is insignificant and a total waste of time.

Evidence of this is that Mark Dodds and Steve Corbett, two tied licensees who helped set up the Campaign, post on trade body forums to get people's attention when if Fair Pint were successful, we would NOT be posting here because the job of informing as many people as possible would be ticking over on auto like some kind of viral bush telegraph wildfire in Tied Licensee Land.

You totally miss the obvious which is that we post here because we're tied LICENSEES - we're FROM this trade, we post here because we're publicans who are pissed off with the outrageous way we are treated by our freeholders. Pure and simple. Fair pint pretty much began out of blogging and blogging's an essential tool to reach out to other people when there's no marketing, promotion or advertising budget to spend on communications.

Your sniping about Fair Pint is pathetic and smacks more of envy than anything like attempts at constructive criticism.

Who cares how much space was devoted to Fair Pint in the BEC report apart from you? Certainly not me or anyone else in the steering group. What I care about is what the report exposed. And that the responses of 1000 licensees to an independent, anonymous and confidential survey married up neatly with what Fair Pint said is happening in the industry and failed to back any 'evidence' porvided by the pubcos about the support and care they offer toward their licensees.

Fair Pint was not ill prepared for anything and your surmising about a url posting by Steve just makes you sound like Chris Roberts who's been banned from any serious websites because he proved himself so serially disruptive to general flow of discussion.

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