Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Tuppen Declares!

@Richard: 'Laughter is the best medicine!" As Readers' Digest always says. Can't help thinking Ted must read it because he's SO FUNNY!: ‘I went to my doctor and asked for something for persistent wind. He gave me a kite.’

Always delivered with apparent sincerity in the voice of Brer Uncle, Ted's the past master of the subtle, almost hidden oxymoron:

"MPs are morons" hohohohohoho!

"The tie is an unbranded franchise" hahahahahaha!

If you pay attention to Ted's language you may notice, following the deafening silence of people struggling to understand what he just said, a sweet sorrow rising from within as you realise he's making a forward retreat accidentally on purpose before the share prices falls after a rise. hehehehehe!

"because you are tied, you pay substantially less for your rent" OH! Stop! Ted! My sides are splitting! I can't speak! *gasp for air*

There is a bittersweet feeling the same difference as the icy hot you get when your BDM arrives on time unannounced having sorted out the controlled chaos of their busy schedule at approximately the right moment for you to enjoy their company. You know, you offer them a drink and serve it in a plastic glass while thinking he looks like the living dead, I wonder what he learns on all those pubco training courses, god do you think he knows it's an open secret that we hate each other?

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