Monday, May 04, 2009

Love it Sylvia. You really are being a bit pathetic you know. Sylvia: "didn't do it at cost for the protesters did you?" whine whine whine. No Sylvia. The coach cost ME about £600. That's ME Sylvia, I cleared out my personal bank account for that and I got back about £300 from passengers and the 'fare' included sandwiches and soft drinks for everyone. I did the shopping for the food and asked my kitchen staff to make the sandwiches which, no doubt, is somehow underhand in your eyes. What's the other bit of sniping you're on about now. Oh yes, your demands for open book accounting by Fair Pint. This is quite simply NONE of your business Sylvia and you can harp on about Fair Pint members' motives and personal circumstances for as long as you like and it will change NOTHING. Why don't you demand the same of the pubcos as you do of this campaign? What IS your problem? You are weird you know.

By the way Sylvia, just to give you more ammunition; three years ago I did the Common Purpose Matrix programme: There must be something sinister in that for you to pick through. And I'm an FRSA: and I have a BA honours degree in graphics with photography as my main area of interest. I also have a diploma from Kew School of Garden Design and I used, a long time ago, to be the deputy editor of the Society of Garden Designers' quarterly magazine. I studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Greenwich part time but never finished the degree. I worked with Geoff Hamilton and Dan Pearson two years running the budgets and organising the logistics and building of the Daily Express gardens (the show's main sponsors), for BBC Gardeners' World Live at NEC. I worked for the National Trust for quite a while too and designed and built over fifty gardens myself when I was a garden designer. That was after I managed a nightclub in Mayfair for a few years, after being a Maitre'D in a high profile West End restaurant. I also was a professional bartender and waiter and worked in some of the busiest commercial kitchens in the UK learning my trade. I lived with a woman for five years who was a head chef and who trained with Raymond Blanc and I did lots of very posh outside catering with her. I also filled shelves in Liptons for quite a while when I was a lot younger.

My pub, The Sun and Doves: (sorry I haven't got round to updating the front page photo yet Sylvia), has won a lot of awards and high profile press over the years and has been a location for parts of films, adverts and still shoots. We were Runner up Time Out bar of the year 1996 and the same for Evening Standard Pub of the year 1998. Best for Kids south of the river 2002 and 2003. Top fifty pubs in the UK with the Independent, can't recall which year, and we've been in international publications all over the place. Not a lot of awards recently although quite a few good reviews but then I've been busy fighting a rent review I cannot afford to fight, for the last four years. Among all of this a few customers have complained about things we didn't get right from time to time and we've always tried hard to put it right. We have incredibly good staff retention and many stay for five to seven years before moving on. My pub is smack in the middle of two of the most deprived wards in the UK and we perform miracles considering that but the pubco treats me like we're in Knightsbridge - of course and use the fantastic goodwill I've built up as if it's their legal right to it take away in rent.

As for the recent coverage on the Apprentice. It just happened as it was on the programme. They blundered into my pub (it looks quite good on camera, don't you think? and by the way did you notice the art exhibition we were showing back then) and I was asked to come down from the office because the staff were too busy to handle the interruption and I did. And I bought the skeleton because, as Margaret said as they left the pub, I've always wanted a skeleton. It's been in my boys' bedroom since then and they love it. They are nine and seven in case you're wondering. You might accuse me of taking advantage of the situation as it happened but so what? Who wouldn't? I'm GOOD at getting publicity for my business - that's my JOB.

And if that's not enough for you Sylvia here's some photos of what I did on Sunday night with Steve Corbett at Simon Clarke and David Law's pub, The Eagle Ale House in Battersea: We had a great time. And it was all free of charge!

Do you tweet Sylvia? We do:

So what do you know Sylvia? I could go on all night but I've got some real work to do. Please direct your odd, bitter vendetta somewhere else where it might have some purpose.

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