Sunday, May 03, 2009

Labour and Tories not keen on fresh pubco laws

There can be little doubt that subterfuge is going on. Karl Harrison's posts being reported on this thread is an example. I didn't see what was removed but he tends to be measured and level headed in his posting and doesn't give any grounds for contention. I'd hazard a guess that whoever removed the posts simply disagrees with his incisive views and doesn't like the truth being put out here.

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J Mark Dodds 03/05/2009 21:53:54

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Labour and Tories not keen on fresh pubco laws

Graham the Tories are damned eternally when it comes to this industry: they released the evil beast by creating pubcos in the first place. As far as pubs go Labour has done what any balanced observer could reasonably expect any disinterested government to do - not take much notice of the detail but listen to BBPA and the pubco line for more than a decade - and act accordingly. This industry has only itself to blame for the position it's in and that responsibility lies squarely with the pubcos for dominating ALL aspects of the trade's communication with the outside world for its own nefarious ends.

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