Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To 'Sylvia' and 'Roberts': your strangely irrational trolling against Fair Pint, and me in particular, seems very odd. What are the axes you grind and why? It's got to a stage which is approaching stalking rather than being the postings of objective people with things to say which add to a debate or which are of any value to anyone other than yourslves as yar boo sucks ego bolstering.

You seem to be very damaged people to be driven to spend so much of your time buzzing around with futile, unfounded annoyances and accusations which can easily be swatted away - like a fruit fly.

Perhaps that's it? Is is a bit of public courting that's going on:

Once the female has been located by smell, sound or sight, she may turn out to be coy and despite all the males efforts she will need to be wooed. This is not because she is fussy, the courtship ritual ensures that the male belongs to the right species and the right sex. Paradoxically, some of the most complex rituals seem to have been evolved by the least charismatic of insects. The fruit fly female will only make up her mind once she and her prospective mate have gone through a preliminary dance. It begins with the male approaching her and drumming on her head with his front feet. This then releases the next stage of the dance where they shuffle from side to side whilst facing one another. Finally, the male feels confident enough to spread out his wings and twist their leading edge downwards, a simple flourish that seems to be full of meaning to her because she now allows him to mount her.

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