Friday, April 03, 2009

Fay is right. Be straight up with your fire officer and ask for their full input. Throw yourself on their better nature. Make it clear that your direct concern is the safety of your customers (and staff) if a fire happens. You need some coaching you need advce. You want the best possible protection for the public but you MUST be able to achieve this within an impossibly tight budget (could you at any stage in your business have afforded to put money aside for this unknown eventuality? NO) because money is always incredibly tight. Say 'I'd really appreciate your advice / guidance - like help me really understand the report and the work to be done'. Say: 'because the work HAS to be done it's impossible to get a reasonable quote; I just can not afford to be ripped off. I have to find honest contractors. Can you help me please?'

My experience is that the fire department has gone out their way to help / guide me through sometimes wildly expensive work that had to be done as a result of ever more stringent H&S legislation. They are very understanding and supportive as long as you are frank with them. If you don't get the support you need - complain like hell. They are public servants and SHOULD be doing what my local fire department does; helping you through the legislation.

I hope it's already clear from the above but just in case:

Lambeth fire service officers have been exemplary in the way they deliver good quality support while at the same time being enforcers of evermore stringent regulations. If the public sector were seamlessly run like this across all its areas of influence we would be in a different society.

On the other hand, if pubcos did what they say they do on the tin, we'd be in a different society too.

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