Sunday, April 05, 2009

There is a lot of good old fashioned mythical baloney about what would happen when the tie is outlawed... Dennis Griffiths has a lot to say and says it loud and clear but a lot of what he says is steeped with the attitudes of a fabled paternalistic tradition in the pub industry. This line is consistent with what he put forward last year when Greg Mulholland invited 'industry leaders' to a round table discussion to try to find a way of uniting the trade and getting people back into pubs. Dennis's differentiation between pubs that do 600 barrels and those on 200 or less is more an emotive position than one based in fact. Removing the tie will benefit EVERYONE except the pubcos. Pubcos will not drop their prices without being forced to do so. They cannot then willy nilly put up rents to take into account lost revenue from wholesale supply. The two income streams are separate even though they choose to regard them as the same. These are rapidly changing times; times where arguments based on detailed and accurate assessment of the industry and on logic, fact and figures are finally beginning to hold sway over easy soundbites, bluster and sweeping statements that sound good but only serve to maintain the outmoded and bankrupt status quo.

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