Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is all a very tedious bad joke. How you guys can carry on pumping out this dual message nonsense - govt bad pubcos good - is beyond any rational analysis of what's going on. No one's arguing against the desire for tax escalators being removed or reduced you guys put the arguments forward very well. Like 'Mr Pinty's very down in the mouth'... blah blah blah. At least it must keep you off the streets. Where you really have to wake up and face some home truths: the companies operating the tie have totally abused it and there is no place for this sort of business ethic and behaviour in the 21st century. You simply refuse to admit the glaringly obvious analogies between the abuses of banking and the pub trade. Get real, cast off your dirty, scratched and outdated specs, get your heads around the essential change that HAS to HAPPEN to this industry and get constructive. Of course Mark Hastings can't and the pubcos won't without regulation but at least CAMRA can get off the gravy train before it really crashes and be seen to be a dynamic, independent organisation aiding the implementation of equitable, repsonsible and sustainable business fit for our times instead being just another pubco poodle.

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