Friday, March 27, 2009

MA: Enterprise pub to feature on ITV show

J Mark Dodds - 27/03/2009 08:33:54

Should make compelling viewing. Enterprise are sure to be twitching about this, finding it difficult to understand why they are in any way brought into the programme, "it's nothing to do with us guv" will undoubtedly be their position.

Where does culpability lie when business fails in such obviously massively over rented premises? With the people who strive to make impossible sums add up or the ones who create the situation in the first place by setting hugely unrealistic rents which are unlikely to be kept up by any licensee no matter how experienced or skilled?

Long term sustainability of business is in everyone's interests, especially when it comes to pubs, where the people running a business are so important to attracting and keeping its regular customers. When the fundamentals don't work - because the successful pubco business model depends entirely on rents, let alone supply prices, being set at sky high Alice in Wonderland heights, it's time for everyone to realise that the era of giga pubcos, as we know them, is over...

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