Thursday, March 26, 2009

BII to approve new rent adjudication MA 26.03.09

Depressing reading. I am losing the will to live. BII's charitable status should in no way be a barrier to anything BII cares to look at in the pub trade. BII's income as a charity can only be brought into question if they act as a trading body and profit from offering commercial services. How administering a quick fix containable priced rent agreement process can be against Charity Commission guidance is beyond normal ken.

That said BII this position follows a lamentable long lasting stand off BII has demonstrably consistently had over pubco rent reviews until now having utterly failed to represent the interests of tied licensees in any way shape or form. BII has consistently hidden behind 'charitable status' as an obtuse reason for not being able to have even an opinion on how the potential benefits (those benefits written on the tin, famously bigged up by Simon Townsend as "tangible and intangible benefits") of the tied lease system has been utterly abused by pubcos.

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