Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Humbled! Thanks for the erudition RRh, much appreciated.

Of course I know about Clarkson* and Top Gear but Stig"? I've never really watched the show. It goes into my mental recyle bin that includes following sport, pop music, celebrity oggling, what really happened to Diana and speculating about conspiracy theories of how the UN is really trying to control our drinking and eating habits. As if they have nothing better to do about the planet.

I prefer to while away my time considering the subtleties of how, as a subject of this realm, I have come to own a share of the freehold (via the government owning a chunk of RBS) of the pub I rent and buy exhorbitantly priced beer to retail to my loyal customers - who together own more of my pub than I do. I think if they knew they owned the pub they might start asking questions at shareholder's meetings about why the beer they buy in the pub they own is so expensive.

* I found a rather neat little link to a piece written by Clarkson about 'Biggles' and posted it here because it was so wonderfully descriptive of that last irritating but entertaining poster 'Biggles Chef'.

"Stig. The first book I read that became indelibly fixed in my head is 'Stig of the Dump'. I resisted the temptation to provide a derogoratory reference to this in replying to any of SC's posts having learned from previous forays with forum distractors and detractors.

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