Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Ian

Thank you for your time at The Sun and Doves last week where we discussed my business in detail and the current economic climate and the need for your company to share some of the burden of extraordinary financial pressures placed on trade, rent being the main subject.

I have not heard from either you or Steve Bransby since and am wondering what progress has been made and what action your company intends to take. My inquiry is pressing and I will appreciate a response from you by return, particularly as there is a problem at your company's credit control department over my account, a problem which I have yet to be told about.

Karen Davidson called me this morning and said she is unable to discuss the rent situation with me but if I don't pay the balance of March rent my beer delivery tomorrow will be stopped. I told her I would call her back but, knowing she cannot talk about rent, instead paid £2,440.18 cash into your company's COW1 bank account for tomorrow's delivery which was ordered on Monday. I sent Karen confirmation of this and told her that your company's direct debit for beer - around £2,0000 could also be collected tomorrow as normal. I believe this brings my beer account a week ahead of the normal 14 day's credit with the rent account remaining to be discussed with you.

I look forward to hearing from you providing some clarity about your company's position.

WIth best wishes


J Mark Dodds

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