Friday, March 27, 2009

Advice needed re whether to purchase or rent fixtures and fittings and are they negotiable MA 27.03.09

Got a letter telling me 'Dear Lessee' blah blah blah paraphrase: We've decided to change what we call OSMs to BDMs. (OSMs were called BDMs some time ago) That's because we're shaking up our team so there's no overlap and it will enable us to offer an even better service than we have done so far. The changes we are making should cause no disruption to normal service but if you have any difficulties getting your head around this don't hesitate to call your current OSM for reassurance.

? Huh?

Does this actually mean: We're sacking a quarter of our workforce and are determined to pretend that it's business as usual. We have reorganised our geographical spread so that the remaining 'team' can cover much wider areas than they are capable of. If you haven't heard from your OSM for a really long time this is by way of an explanation and if you think you'll get a response when you do call them, as suggested, don't fret when - as normal - they don't get back to you because - as normal - they are likely to be on a training course learning how to realign themselves with their new job title and are therefore unavailable for anything except their familes, the rugby club and their local JobCentre.

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