Monday, February 09, 2009

Our society lost IT when weak men began listening to women. Around about 1794 it began. The disgraceful process of denudation of the rights of MEN had by 1966 become a swinging landslide of lost chastity and nobility. If we'd NEVER let gels have the vote things would be stable, there would be no wars and Britain would still rule the waves. We wouldn't be IMPORTING Johnny Foreigner beer and further weakening our resolve to be MEN. Oh NO. Lager would still be queer beer drunk with lime and we'd be EXPORTING our national bitter, mil and stout to the four quarters of the globe and everyone in the world would live on Eccles cakes and Tiddy Hoggies washed down with Houses of Parliament sauce. We'd all know where we stood - right at the top of the world social hierarchy - and be better off for it.

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