Monday, February 09, 2009

Morning Advertiser celebrates 215 years MA 8.2.09

Threepence ha'penny cover price? Wow must have been only very well off gentlemen could afford MA in 1794. Thank GOD.

Those were the days eh chaps? - When men were men and women knew their place and were not allowed in pubs and children never answered back for fear of a good strapping across the legs. When a man could sit with fellow men supping a tankard of mild ale with a pipe on the go, when no one could criticise anything and the poor knew their place in society. No forms of credit enabling people to get above their station and begin to meddle in affairs that do not concern them... such as the price of beer or the rental value of a property. In fact, in those days we owned ALL the property and the riff raff earned us all our income. No confusion, no misunderstandings just everything in its own place and a place for everything.

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