Thursday, February 05, 2009

S&NPE offers early induction courses for potential licensees. MA 5..2.09

Innside Knowledge, Trainee Induction Lesson NUMBER 1: DO NOT SIGN A TIED LEASE.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for listening. That'll be £500 each please.


A rip off?

Certainly not Ladies and Gentlemen, lesson number one represents the best value advice you'll ever get on any training course. It is based on decades of peer reviewed research and solid figures that do not stack up. Regard this lesson as an investment in a sound future, follow it and you will save yourself many thousands of pounds initially and far more over time.

And the BEST thing about this course is that it gets immediate results: The feelings you are experiencing now exactly replicate those you encounter once you have signed a tied lease.

We like to call it Innduction InnMersion Therapy.

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