Thursday, February 05, 2009

"Hats off to them"? "I think they reacted quite well"?

Sometimes Martin you take the biscuit.

It's self evident that if the Cornwall constituent hadn't spotted IT all lessees concerned would have been paying a way over the odds increase RPI. And Enterprise would NOT have made a 'Eureka' we've realised that we're making even more than we can get away with normally moment and own up and reimburse.

It's also not clear yet that other lessees affected by this glitch have been told by Enterprise that an error was made.

And all of that presupposes that RPI increases are plainly justifiable in the first instance.

FACT is that most of these pubcos are in the same type of massive leaking boat as each other. Over extended financially with cash flow evaporating and massive numbers of lessees who simply cannot handle being squeezed any more without going bankrupt, taking solid extreme independent action and refusing to pay full rent and beginning to buy out of tie - because THAT is the only way they can stay in business.

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