Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm not going to let THAT one go unanswered Allman. RICS rentalisation practice is the heart of the problem and where it all goes wrong as far as tied premsies are concerned.

As far as your own statements are concerned IF, as you say, the "tie is highly significant" here, how come you marginalise the tie elsewhere, dismiss criticism of it saying it's nothing compared to what the commie government is doing. You enjoy having your cake and eating it.

Show me examples of tied pubs being let at consistently less than free of tie. Show me examples of tied tenants being no financially worse of then free of tie. Show me the tied tenants who are happy with their conditions and relationship with their freeholders - I have been asking this on and off for a year now and no one has come forward to even try to change my point of view - BUT I HAVE met dozens more people who are completely pissed off with their tied lease and their lack of return for their incredibly hard work. And they ALL say the same things - bad communication - misleading meetings, prices higher margins lower than they beleived, mis representation - nothing ever in writing - broken promises - never getting the sort of support aht was highlighted in the literature and sold to them when in meetings with pubco before signing lease etc etc etc.

IN all this time Graham you are the only person who's consistently droned on about how the pubcos and the tie aren't a problem. Seems there's something very wrong about your stuck recird MR Allman. Argue your position rationally and I might alter my views. As it is everything, all the irritating trivalising opinion you post (which, you have to admit often sounds just like biggels chef too) makes my viewpoint OSSIFY and makes me more determined to work harder towards a fairer situation for tenants with tied leases.

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