Wednesday, February 11, 2009

General Juicy Knowledge

1 In what year was U.S President Abraham Lincoln assassinated? 1863 / 1865 / 1868

2 Which literary doctor owns a parrot called`Polynesia'
Doctor Doolittle

3 Which book catapulted Germaine Greer to fame?
The Female Eunuch

4 Which is the only continent occupied by one nation?

5 Which film saw Tom Cruise looking after his autistic brother?
Rain Man

6 What was the classical standard language of ancient India? Sanskrit

7 How much is 252 pence in pre decimal currency?
One pound one shilling.

8 Name the three types of classical architectural column
Doric, Corinthian, Ionic

9 What is the more common name for the medical condition ‘epistaxis’?

10 What are the names of the five great lakes of north America?
Superior Ontario Erie Michigan Huron

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