Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enterprise couple smash targets to win holiday MA 17 Feb 09

An Enterprise spokesman said: "I am going to say something that, as usual, makes no sense to anyone except me and my line manager. It will baffle the tenant and any onlooker but I do know what I'm talking about. Thank you, thank you (bows), yes we take all credit for the lessee's endeavour and in due course will translate this into a hypothetical tenant's ability to accommodate a massive rent increase and the associated bonuses will be stonking. Thank you again. It was our idea after all". Thank you.

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Will the free holiday include the relief management while they are away? In my P&L projection for my rent review (from £54K to £96K) the propco surveyor included 2 (TWO) WEEK'S relief management coverage for the Hypothetical tenant's annual holiday. Truly? TWO WEEK'S annual holiday? Why so generous? Who needs a holiday when operating a business like a pub? Surely every day is a joyous outing, every day a holiday. Running a pub is a 'lifestyle choice' that includes 'every day is a holiday and we'll rentalise it for you' written into the lease somewhere in the small print.

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