Saturday, February 21, 2009

Been reading all sorts of links for the last half hour or so. One of them led me to reading an article about Robert Wagner's Hollywood conquests: "Being with Liz Taylor was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain" - Bob's Nobs it might as well have been called; that was quite interesting.

Apart from that I have my own, personally widely researched and informed, knowledge and understanding of climate change and how human beings impact on the earth. Bill's posts in general leave me rather baffled. But then I don't get out much; Bill.

Bill's post (?) on the Tavern League of Wisconsin though. Now that IS interesting. In principle a good find:

And Rent Review help - same reason I'm backing Inez - you articulated it very neatly for me. So thanks for that... I can't afford it either but AN END TO THIS HAS GOT TO START SOMEWHERE. And I have more than enough of pubco abuse for far too long.

There's a rumour going round that the BEC will recommend applying the Beer Orders to the current situation. The pubcos have been breaking up their estates into smaller chunks. Could this be a coincidence? I think not.

IF, and I don't of course believe in rumour for a moment and know this will not transpire because MPs are NOT, as Ted Tuppen apologised for saying, morons, IF this happened it would be the end of the trade, allowing the same grotesque abuse of power to continue for another decade. On the other hand the pubcos are finished already, it's not a matter of if? any more it's a matter of when? What we need in the trade is an organised abandonment of ship rather than the possible chaos which might pull down far more innocents than need be.

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