Sunday, February 01, 2009

As I've pointed out on another thread Allman and Biggles Kitchen Porter MUST be excluded from the forum by sending them both to Coventry. Neither contributes anything positive, even at a critical level, to any of the discussions here. They just pick people off and encourage diversion from the thread by sniping chilidshly at everyone who shows any sign of criticising pubcos and particularly the beer tie. They assert they know more than anyone else about the Great British pub industry. This know-all-ness gives them the right to point out to everyone else they are wrong. Because in flatulating themselves through forty grubby years of gravy they have become fat, corpulent, big headed and arrogant...

Self serving people like this with arrogant blinkered condescending attitudes in wider society are the bedrock of the legitimisation of the fat cat culture. That leads to acceptance of boom and bust economics - where the boom fuels the worst habits and rapaciousness of the wealthiest while filling their coffers to bursting and bust makes them contract temporarily until wider society has been financially crippled, before buying the fallout of others' financial failure and accumulating more and more to begin the cycle again.

A and B are, in the grand scheme of things, just little horse flies on the smellyfatarse of capitalism but nevertheless it's time they this were brought to account for their greed and complete disdain for the well being of others.


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