Saturday, January 31, 2009

OK rational hard working people don't get distracted.

SO having been invigorated by identical twin biggles' tepid airborne viagra GA is back in typically mundane form to mess around with this forum. Graham's style is to childishly snipe around all and sundry comments to make people annoyed. Don't go there. He's quick to come out with implied threats of libel action if he senses someone might be getting the better of his 'professional' status.

Ignore his tripe and stay with the matters in hand (so to speak; Allman being a master of 'matters in hand'). Allman and Biggles never start any topic, never contribute anything of value, and never have a position other than to specialise in pissing people off.

Big flabby egos are fed by flattery of response. Don't go there. Nothing to learn from their mental lard. Ignore them both. People will soon get used to not reading their posts at all and they'll give up because there's no point their being here.

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