Friday, January 23, 2009

This is taken from a letter to a tenant who has NEVER bought out:

"Further to our recent discussion regarding your purchases of tied products from a non-authorised supplier, I would confirm that the Company views this as a very serious breach of the terms of your tenancy.

For the avoidance of doubt however, I can confirm that, based on your confirmation that you will not breach the terms of your tenancy again, the Company will not seek an inunction or steps to terminate your tenancy on this occasion. However this correspondence will be kept on file and referred to the court in any subsequent court proceedings should any further breaches occur.

In the meantime I confirm that the charge for compensation incurred as a result of your breach of your tenancy will now be placed against your account. The amount of this charge is £3000,00 which consists of an administration charge of £3000.00 + VAT and 15 barrels at £180.00 per barrel of tied products not sourced from the Company. The charges are not an exact figure of the loss to the Company and we reserve the right to claim all losses suffered as a result of any breach of tie, should become necessary to issue legal proceedings against you.

If you have any queries regarding this invoice please contact me.

Yours sincerely

Enterprise Inns plc"

Or, as we say in the tied trade "This is another reason why tied pubs are not sustainable" Hahahahahahahaha! Our glasses are EMPTY!

"See you on Monday"

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