Thursday, January 15, 2009

IMPORTANT my sincerest apologies for having to ask the following questions, I understand if you feel insulted, but I do have very valid reasons and I am sure that they (the questions)are the norm. This is really important! These are for Enterprise Inns tenants only.

1 Have you raised your concerns with your Regional Manager?

2 Have you supplied clear evidence of your trading position?

3 Have you a track record in maintaining excellent retail standards?

4 Have you exploited all the opportunities that your business presents?

If any Enterprise Inns tenants attending this protest could bring documented evidence of this and the response from the pubco that would be great. Many thanks.

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J Mark Dodds 16/01/2009 00:12:48

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Licensees plan protest at Enterprise and Punch HQs

1) Errr. Yes but he never answers the 'phone or replies to emails. He's wither dead or has been sacked because he never returned my calls. But then how did anyone else know he didn;t return my calls? - Ergo - he must be dead. Leave me to grieve with dignity.

2) I have tried but they don't want to know - they believe that I make a profit and that pigs fly because it's only flying pigs that can pay that kind of rent and beer price and stay in business.

3) I do but they most certainly don't.

4) WAY more than the average hypothetical tenant - or any living BDM or pubco CEO - that's for sure.

If Carlsberg ran a pubco they'd probably be the best in the world. But they don't.

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