Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a good operator. It's clear that pubcos hate good operators; they don't understand them; they don't like not knowing why a pub that isn't a traditional boozer can be busy but they do like to screw every last drop of profit out of a good operator to subsidise other parts of their model that don't work so well. Just because they can. And woe betide the good operator who actually stands up to them or has an opinion that is different from the 'area manager's'. 'Area manager' now that HAS to be the biggest joke of them all. Area? Manager?

Pubs are shutting left right and centre because pubcos know nothing about operation. Pubcos have lost the plot. They forgot that pubs need to make a profit as well as the pubco a long time ago.

Stuff all the stuff about blaming the government. Don't illusion that a Tory government would be any different. If pubcos had cared a toss about pubs the government would be better informed about what pubs really are, instead of being the target of numerous nonsense legislation - supported by BBPA and, implicitly the hypocritical pubco CEO suited elite who know buggerall about pubs and a lot about stripping out cash at every level of the industry except the private yacht.

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