Friday, January 23, 2009

"I would confirm". Would you? Oh yeah?

"I can confirm that, based on your confirmation that ". Oh yes? What exactly? You WANT me to confirm that you are an idiot? Surely you don't need my confirmation, just cast a glance in a mirror you pubco twat.

"In the meantime I confirm". What? You are Catholic?

"For the avoidance of doubt HOWEVER"? What are you trying to emphasise here? That you don't know how to write a sentence without padding it out with a load of pseudo legalistic shite that seems a bit threatening but means absolutely nothing you arrogant little pubco prick?

"that the charge for compensation incurred as a result of your breach of your tenancy will now be placed against your account." Is that so they can get cosy being placed together?

"The charges are not an exact figure of the loss to the Company and we reserve the right to claim all losses suffered as a result of any breach of tie, should become necessary to issue legal proceedings against you." HUH?

What's not exact about: "£3001.80, an administration charge of £300.00 + VAT and 14.76 barrels at £180.00 per barrel not sourced from the Company". Tell me you stupid thick headed tiny brained fuck wit, what exactly is not exact about these figures?

YES I am a dangerous, intemperate annoyed and irrational person who should not be listened to because I swear sometimes in writing and shout in blogs.

I am simply not able to write what I really think because even I would find what came out shocking.

Oh yeah another thing is that 'the Company' is a bit annoyed with the tenant and takes this kind of thing very sewiously and will spit the 'Company's' dummy out the pram if the tenny wenny tanty wanty does it ever, ever, again. Don't forget - the tenant DID NOT BUY OUT OF TIE. The pubco just hopes they did so they can squeeze them till the pips pop out.

AND I'm old enough to be the father of many of these pea brained turds. That doesn't help. And NO I'm not ageist normally.

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