Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That was NOT an apology it was a vaguely momentary cap in hand excuse: I didn't mean to offend all MPs I just meant to point out to the world that Greg Mulholland is a moron because he does not understand what a lovely caring feeling business I run and just what a caring sharing man I really am. Without me there would be thousands of pub people going out of business and real ale would not be available to the common person in the street. I am a saint, although we do sometimes get things wrong, but the people we employ are lovely human beings who shed tears when their tenants go bust. It's so hard earning the mountains of cash I own and control but it's a burden that's worthwhile when I consider, inspite of Fair Pint saying 'you're just nasty pasty' because I know that without me the nation would be diminished.

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