Friday, November 28, 2008

John - I'm not sure what YOU are on about. Maybe my post at the top was overly obtuse, if so I apologise, my point is that BBPA does not have the best interests of tenants at heart, BBPA represents pubcos and, to a lesser extent, brewers. I have absolutely no doubt that if BBPA had regular channels of communication with a wide range of publicans and lessees they would truly understand and effectively represent their views and this industry would not have been hit the way it has with duty increases and legislation. What has been happening to this industry is clear enough evidence in itself that BBPA has manifestly failed to support tenants since its formation.

BBPA has consistently supported the status quo in this industry and continues to forcefully assert that the pubco model is more robust than the free trade. Any objective, logical analysis of this assertion proves it is based on hot air and mangled statistics. Any work BBPA does which directly benefits individual licensees and tenants is purely incidental to their primary goals which are to protect the interests of their bankrollers - the pubcos.

CAMRA is Britain's most successful consumer organisation (I have been told) which rightly has widely recognised credibility - with public and the government. CAMRA's working with BBPA gives BBPA a veneer of credibility which BBPA does not deserve... CAMRA has long been infected with the BBPA's skewed vision of this industry and has unwittingly supported the tie as being of sustenance to the industry when in fact the reverse is true.

The legal construct of the tie and the gross abuse of its obligations by accountants and lawyers has sapped the life blood out of our industry pure and simple. BBPA has aided and abetted this wilful destruction of a precious national resource, as have most other bodies purporting to represent licensees in the UK.

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Mark Dodds 28/11/2008 20:22:04

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RE: Axe the tax — save the pub

If it were not so people throughout this trade would not be openly saying that there is no representative body for licensees and Fair Pint would not have been able to gain the ear of people throughout the country who believe our motives and aims are just and fair.

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