Saturday, November 29, 2008

Horrifying isn't it Inez? I've been aware that the reason they (pubcos) get away with what they do to lessees is because people outside the trade cannot imagine that what they hear from us is without exaggeration. It was that point - that social workers dismissed suspicions they had of what was going on - right under their noses - because they simply could not comprehend that anyone could behave so extremely cruelly toward others, completely deny any responsibility for the evident damage that was being done and always have tenuous yet plausible alternative reasons to explain what was happening.

Pubcos have been behaving in psycho-sociopathic ways - right under society's nose - for fifteen to twenty years and getting away with it. The smoke screens and mirrors they throw up are everywhere around and no one who is not actually at the receiving end of their abusive behaviour can believe that what is happening - is actually happening. Because it is so extreme it makes no sense for a corporation to behave that way towards its constituents they describe as 'partners'.

Pubcos have become more severe and uncompromisingly cruel as they have seen they are immune from discovery and prosecution and being brought to account...

I have a feeling the cat is out of the bag now.

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