Sunday, November 30, 2008

5059. Quite a lot of people are not whining, as you suggest, but ARE doing MANY constructive things. I say a lot of what happens to Tied Tenants at the hands of pubcos is unfair because IT IS UNFAIR. Pubcos effectively break contract with lessees from the moment a lease is signed. The reality of this only manifests down the line when the margins have eroded, when there is no support, when the rent is higher than free of tie and the beer is at least twice the price of free of tie. ETC.

As far as your last comment goes I spend 60 hours a week concentrating on making my business better and I choose to spend another 20 hours or so working on trying to influence everyone I ever meet or come across via the internet, and the government, to understand what has been and is happening to this industry at the hands of a few arch manipulators of finance and people. I do this because I am sick and tired of being abused by pubco behaviour. I know what I am doing with my business and I know how to run it effectively. My pubco does not and I have had no effective support for all the £100Ks I've spent on their stupidly expensive beer over the years that's supposed to bring a package of business support along with the price tag. And they've rentalised my investment on the building, and all my work and the goodwill I built up in the business. Think I'm going to stand by and be ripped off like that? No I'm going to get even and help change the way this industry operates.

Perhaps, since you brought it up, YOU could put your energy towards doing something constructive for this industry as well.

Sign up to Fair Pint.

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