Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MP calls for Cocaine soft drink ban

An MP has lashed out over the controversial arrival of a soft drink called Cocaine in the UK for glamorising drug taking and called for it to be banned. Labour MP Keith Vaz has tabled a petition for MPs against the drink which contains 350% more caffeine than Red Bull. Speaking exclusively to the Morning Advertiser, sources from the newly-formed company Ocke Cokey confirmed that the high-caffeine stimulant drink, made from guarana and containing 750 milligrams of taurine, will be available in both the on and off-trade this summer. The new product will be rolled out in red 8.4oz cans with the words “Cut Cocaine” spelled out in a white granular substance. But Vaz has called for a ban. His Early Day Motion said: “That this House condemns the expected launch in the UK of the high energy drink Cocaine later this summer; notes that the American firm which developed this drink sells it as the legal alternative to the class A drug

It's a shame that our society worldwide is now so dominated by this sort of hyped up sensationalist utterly unnecessary rubbish that is, actually trite but always gets a fresh airing because there's nothing better to report. No one needs this product or any product like it, except to help fools get off their heads on the latest drinks stupidity craze. It's a marketing invention no more no less. And the makers are right - the more controversy created by the name, the better for the brand. Remember Virgin? Virgin was rather shocking to begin with now we sit on the west coast in Virgin trains, listen to Virgin radio, talk on Virgin 'phones, while drinking Virgin drinks and going on Virgin holidays in Virgin planes. We're all coked up already and children make their own choices for what to eat at school dinners and we wonder why we are becoming a Nation of Lard. And it's all in the name of the free market, consumer choice, liberty and equality. Give me a Command Economy any day and give me a Cocaine on the side to go please.

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