Sunday, March 30, 2008

RE: Enterprise promises rent concessions - fantastic deal
The sad thing is the majority of licensees who even take the MA do not read the Forum and even worse all these wide eyed innocents who get suckered into believing the Pub Co corporate web sites don't even know about it let alone read it. How do we get through to these people, the press will not run the true stories of licensees being screwed, we sadly are the voiceful minority trying to speak for the silent majority with limited public visibility. I set up to try and make people aware, I have a Poll running on there if I can change it's present settings to run a poll on various Pub Co's, how good bad or indiffent or just plain terrible they are, it will take a few days to set in motion and will not make me popular with whichever Pub Co that I put up, could be fun.

Edward Carpenter

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