Monday, March 17, 2008

10 March 2008
My name is Nigel Rose a father of three young children at The New Cross Keys in Pontefract I took over this pub on the 14th Dec 2006, I at the time had 3 properties to rent a good job thinking I could eventually leave work and be a full time landlord but that was not to be with all the stress I have lost my job and I have had to sell two of my properties. This has not helped I am up to my eyeballs in debt with a debt management agency trying to help me. I cant sleep at night I have through out being a licensee have wanted to take my own life if it wasn't for my 3 children I dont think id have made it to 2008. Its not our fault its the brewery charging to much rent. There are several pubs in Pontefract owned by this brewery, Turks Head, the Woodman, Antix and one just down the road in Featherstone the Jubilee Hotel all shut down to name but a few because of the high rent. While im typing this in I feel sick to the core that my families future as been turned upside down . We need the help of the government theres no where else to turn theres that many wolves at my door its not fair. Please give me a chance to turn this business around its all we've got.
Nigel Rose

10 March 2008
I feel exactly the same ,just transfered my post office pension for lump sum to pay off pubco but slightly short so wont give me a weeks credit till payed off ,my rents just increased ,selling my house to try and pay other debts,embarrissingly keep breaking down in tears when im on my own,feel suicidal everyday ,but the thought of leaving my family to sort the mess out keeps me going.

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