Friday, February 22, 2008

Look – I want to keep as many posts up as I can.
There are a few issues with the pulled posts.
Its not just of because you don’t name names.

This one is going to stay down.
I and sure you have heard on grapevine about our own problems with Enterprise and if we are to keep the forum open, and it is a valuable tool for many, I need to exercise care on this thread in particular.

Some of the comments made could be seen as libellous as even though they are general they relate to Enterprise because of the thread they are posted on.

I hope you understand that for the good of all (including ourselves), I have to keep a watchful eye on this.

I will send you an email explaining in detail what we have to consider as publishers of material later today.
You will see it is far from simple.

Kind regards


Sorry if making it difficult for you; I do think your magazine is a fantastic resource really, and I know others do too.

I appreciate your email – and your patience. It’s clear that you’re under pressure. I get the impression the other one is too.

As far as I’m concerned it’s evidence that PubCos are using their power inappropriately in all area of their activity. This sort of behaviour goes hand in hand with a beyond the law attitude that is corrosive and corrupting in the extreme for all people that live with it culturally. It is quite clear that these companies operate outside the law and manipulate circumstances to their own ends doing whatever they want, whenever they see fit. They’ve got away with so much for so long I’m sure the ceos have god complexes. Poor guys. Proving this is going to be difficult. I’d love to meet any of them in public and argue the toss in front of an audience with a couple of solicitors around.

I look forward to seeing your next email. Don’t go into a lot of detail – you’re probably much too busy.



Mark Dodds


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Camberwell London SE5 9NS

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